Thanks To This Affordable New Technology Called “Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation”. My Excruciating Waist & Back Pain No Longer Exist ~ Mrs Aboderu

My 63 Year Old Mother In-Law Still Blesses Me Everyday Just Because I Found An End To Her Pain...

"This Whole Body Muscle Pain Knock Out Device Did The Magic"


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How Pain Killer Pills Almost Got My 63 Year Old Mother In-Law Addicted Due To Excruciating Back & Waist Pain...

Throw Out All Those Pain Killer Drugs Because They Actually Don't Kill Pain

In 2021, Just after we recovered from the Covid Palava... I got married to my husband, that was when I got to know that the pain which my mother in-law have had for over 9 years has become worse.

Imagine The Suffering For 9 Solid Years

She lost the ability to sleep due to Back, Knee & Waist Pain. Always groaning in pain ALL NIGHT...

We bought almost every pain killer drugs that was recommended by friends & family members. But they just stopped the pain momentarily and after a while the pain will come back.

Her body got used to all the drugs she was using that they no longer work on her system again. So she'll have to take 4 pills instead of 2 so that the drugs would be effective.

Her Life Became Dependent On The Drugs She Took.

You know that feeling when you pass by someone and you perceive the odour of drugs? That became her fate.
I could clearly see that she was giving up on the fight.

We tried all we could, money wasn't a challenge by Gods grace so we spent millions of Naira searching for solution.

The only option we did not try was surgery which was a 50/50 chance

I took it upon myself not to rest until I find a cure for her.

During my research I found out that the pain which 98% of people have are actually a direct response to the anger of their muscles.

Let Me Explain...

Research study shows that Waist, Back, Leg, Arthritis etc., all have one thing in common & that is the ROOT CAUSE OF THE PAIN!!!.


See.. Once You Understand This You'll Never Allow Pain Spend a Night In Your Body Because You Already Know What To Do

See The Following Research Result

In Summary... All Pain We Have In Our Body Has a Link To The Muscle.

Immediately I understood this theory, I began looking for solutions that can help fix the muscle.

After spending my hard earned money on some riketty product that didn't work, I found this particular one.

Actually a Doctor friend of mine sent me the product from the United Kingdom to see if it fits what I was searching for.

The Magic Happened The First Day My Mother In-Law Used This Product...

Like... It still surprises everyone till today how Excruciating pain of 9 years could gradually fizzle out with just one product.... Without surgery, without spending millions in the hospital for an operation.

Everything Spent On Getting This Same Product Was Less Than 130,000Ugx Plus The FREE Extra Patches It Came With

Here Is How This Product Works

Now that you know that pain (back, neck, waist, back pain) etc., will only come when you over-stress the muscle. Normal hand massage can never get direct to fix the muscle, It can only relieve you for the moment.

This product utilizes the innovation of Electrotherapy. This stimulates muscle contraction using electrical impulses in order to strengthen weak muscles, reduce swelling, relieve pain and help heal wounds.

Introducing The 5-in-1 Whole Body Therapy That Helps Relieve Back, Waist, Hip, Leg & Even Other Parts Of The Body

See More Thrilling Testimonials

I never imagined such a device could help my mom so much that she stopped complaining about pains completely!

Anita B***h



When I read through the story, I could certainly relate.I went through hell with pains that I couldn't leave a normal life again. I just started using this device 2 weeks ago and I don't even remember having knee pain anymore. When I tell my children about this testimony they think I was making it up until one of them came visiting to witness my testimony.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product

Evelyn K***i



At last I bought something that works online (sigh). I was over skeptical because I have spent money ordering things online that didn't work. But this is awesome. I received the best neck massage ever with this device

Anita B***h



After going through the comment and testimonials on the website I finally got mine.
Usiwahi kuwa na shaka na mpiga massage huyu

It is powerful

Evelyn K***i



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Mum had an accident that requires thorough massage for the pains and muscles to relax. I gave her this as a gift

She has been ever grateful for this little champ

Rejoyce G***a



Bought this for my dad who works in a construction company because he was always complaining of back and waist pain. He called me just last week that his friends at work wants to buy too.

Ewatomi A***e


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