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How To Avoid "Traumatic Brain Injury" In Kids Up To Age 3 With This New Innovative Baby Head & Shoulder Protector

Recommended By Peadiatricians

Research Have Shown That Constant Falls On The Head Are The Leading Cause Of Traumatic Brain Injury In Children Up To Age 3 (According to healthline magazine)

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I Will Never Forget What Happened To My Neighbors 7 Month Old Baby Exactly March 9th This Year That Made Them Spent Over 4 Months In Lagos State Teaching Hospital (Luth)

...Mrs Stella, a very good friend and sweet neighbor just had their 2nd baby and everything was going on very well until March 9th this year...

Dad was away, Mum was in the washing room while their 7 month old boy was kept alone in the sitting room which was close to the washing room.

You Guessed What Happened Right...

Baby wanted to move but fell from the sofa and landed on his head. FATAL!!!

The Skull was still very Fragile and Delicate

What Happened Next Will Shock You

The baby eventually stopped crying after several hours of petting. 2 weeks has passed by and everything seem to be fine UNTIL the 4th week

The baby started misbehaving, feeling sluggish and inactive

After several diagnosis and xrays was done, it came out real bad.... There had been a fracture in the skull that had affected the brain

Truth Is That Not Every Fall Will Go This Extreme But We As Parents Don't Want To Toy With Our Kids Lives

After several surgeries and millions of naira spent, the boy is back home with intensive care - YES, she finally agreed to buy this head protector this time around with tears in her eyes....

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Here Another Revealing Story From a Renowned Nurse In Lagos, Nigeria

3 Out Of 10 Babies Brought Into Our Emergency Ward Are Results Of Careless Falling...

Immediately after the COVID palava in 2021, we started recording high rates of intake in the children emergency ward.


At least 3 out of the 10 children brought in was as a result of falling on their head...

Approximately 30% of babies admitted into the pediatric emergency ward are there because they fell down on their head.

...Infact this statistic is not only applicable to Nigerians alone.

Recently a study with 1,775 cases examined in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the median age of the participants was 18 months (1 year and 6 months)

From the cases that received a CT scan, 16.9% (58 babies) were diagnosed with isolated skull fractures, while 13.7% (47 babies) had intracranial injuries (ICI). Among the ICI cases, 49% (23 babies) had an associated skull fracture detected.

See... Let's Forget All This Grammar For Now - As a Mother or Father, What does this tell you?

Simple... Parents no longer have the luxury of looking after their kids 24/7. With the need to resume work and manage other responsibilities, accidents can happen at any time.

And it is clearly not their fault... It's nobodys fault but parents should be ready to take responsibility of its outcome


THE gruesome amount of money parents pay to make sure their babies are alright .. Non is less than N500,000

Imagine spending N500,000 in this "ECONOMY THAT IS ALREADY HARD" and for something that could have been avoided with this baby head protector

Listen Up Parents - Don't Wait!

Unless you can continuously keep your eyes on your child every second of the day without blinking, then this product is not for you, you can skip and close this page

But .., if you're the type that has other things to do and your kids won't be with you even while you're in the toilet, don't hesitate! Hurry and get this essential Baby Head Protector before it's sold out.


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Safe For Kids From Age 0 - 4 Years | Loved By Kids & Parents Worldwide | (Check Out Other Parents Reviews Below)

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Parents now have rest of mind because with this product they can be sure that no fall can damage the baby's brain or give them injury

Dear Parents...

When a Child Falls From a Height Or Even While Playing Any Of These Things Can Happen

We Can Avoid This In 2 Ways Only

This baby head protector protects your baby from hitting their head when they fall by instantly absorbing the impact. This amazing shock absorbing product is filled with soft and breathable material, protecting your child's head while walking, crawling and standing

Hear Why Parents Bought This Product For Their Kids

Bought it for my 6 month old who had trouble sitting by himself and I always had to put pillows around in case he falls back. No more pillows, thanks to this product.

Queenjoy B***h



We use it everyday! Have saved my baby from many head bumps

Jeremiah K***i



The protector is easily adjustable and most importantly doesn't bother my child while playing, which means he is comfortable wearing it.

Glory C***a



This has saved my sons in his falls plenty of times,

Prince S***a


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