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Powerful Anti Aging Peptide Technology Breakthrough That Helps The Skin Recover Its Elastic Fibrillin Property

Helps Reduces Appearance Of Wrinkles | Dark Spots | Facial Lines & Eye Bags

Lunched In Nigeria On 5th Of February, With Over 1,321 Pack Sold & Hundreds Of Positive Feedback

Ever wondered how celebrities keep their skin looking so flawless and wrinkle-free?

See How This Product Helped Lucy a 53 Year Old Lady From Imo State Regain Her Confidence

Note: Lucy gave us the permission to share her story

So... I came across Retinol Peptide Gold Mask during the product launch in February. Even though I was afraid of trying out anything online again, deep down I know I needed something that will really help me out.

As a young lady in my thirties, I got involved with products that damaged my skin, leaving me with sunburns and those dark-green shades on both sides of my face. It got worse that I was being referred to as a grandma at age 33 in my place of work

I even overheard some junior employees asking when I would retire because I looked old to them

So... It's been over 17 years of consistently trying out one thing or the other without success.

Now, the truth is that, some of the products I used back then showed signs of working after using for 3 days to 1 week - after which my face will go back to looking worse.

I had several sessions with several dermatologist, I did many facial treatment but got nothing.

...Is it how my husband constantly poured blames on me and stopped taking me out for functions because I was looking older than his mother according to him

The One Thing That Changed EVERYTHING FOR ME..

Fast forward to February 6th this year, I tried something that would change my story

The Retinol Peptide Gold Mask product was promising and had lots of positive reviews and the launch price was also cheap, So I jumped in and bought 3 boxes

My FIRST DAY EXPERIENCE Using Retinol Peptide Gold Mask

- After smearing the gold mask on my face, I felt some tingling effect on my face and quickly washed off after 5 minutes because I don't want more troubles.

I immediately contacted the customer support and explained my experience. I was told to continue.

According to them, the product will first tackle all impurities on the skin surface that will stop it from penetrating into the skin layers. which is why I was experiencing those tingling effect

So I continued....

After day 8 of continuous use (I wear the mask all night), my face began to glow. Though not all the blemishes went away BUT people started noticing my clear and glowing face.

Exactly after day 32, my husband called me and asked If I had surgery. That was when I completely believed that I was finally free.

See Other Amazing Testimonials

This is the BEST facial treatment! It is smooth and light as you apply it.

It doesn't dry out the skin, and it's easily removed. I love the texture of it as it feels like silk butter going on.

As for major results in my skin, I noticed people started complimenting my skin after 1 week of using these mask. At least 2 of my female colleague asked the name of my new cream and I introduced them to this product

I have super sensitive skin & it doesn't affect me in anyway too so for me, it's worth it. It also bears mentioning that this product has no chemical or offensive smell.

Eniola J****l

I’m 53 years old and have tried a dozen and one masks, serums & cream for my facial wrinkles, dark circles & eyebag and these by far are AMAZING!!

I was shocked after I removed these. My puffiness, bags were gone. My skin felt so tight under my eyes. Will keep these in stock.

Chioma I****U

Benefits Of Using Retinol Peptide Skin Rejuvenating Gold Mask 4 Times a Week


Retinol is a proven ingredient renowned for its ability to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This is done by helping the skin in collagen production which by the age of 30 downwards has started to decline

natural-ingredients (1)

Synthetic Snake-Like Venom

Our Gold Mask uses a POWERFUL anti-wrinkle peptide technology, "Matrixyl 3000 PlusTM 4", which helps the skin recover some of its key properties and components such as elastic fibrilin that is lost early on in aging process and gives rise to lines and wrinkles.

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Gold Essence

Gold nanoparticles possess unique properties that enhance blood circulation when they come into contact with the skin.
As we age, collagen levels decline, leading to sagging and fine lines. Gold's collagen-boosting effect helps counteract this natural process.

Gold's reflective properties create a luminous glow on your skin.
Finally, the nanosized gold particles in our formula facilitate better ingredient penetration. This means that the other active ingredients like retinol and snake venom extract can work more effectively, delivering their benefits deep into your skin layers.


Propylene Glycol

This essence makes sure the skin is kept moisturized. Drives away rough and dry skin


Giant Algae Extraction

This ingredients opens up the skin layers and allows the active ingredients easy passage

Combining These Ingredients Will Help To Revitalize The Skin, Giving It a Much Younger Look

Dear Reader... Our Product Does Not Work By Magic

Infact, any product that promises to work like magic should be avoided like a plague because...

Our Product Works By Following This 3 Simple Order

See More Testimonials From Our Customers Across Nigeria

I was concerned that this may not be as good as said but it is amazing!!

it leaves the client skin so hydrated and flawless with a gorgeous glow.

Yes! I use this for my older clients in my Spa and they always come back no matter what... This is just like my little secret.

Clients love it & Keep introducing their friends to my spa

Linda T****t

As an American living in Nigeria, My work wears me out and make me look older than my age. I decided to give this a try when I noticed it was a new product.

I applied a thin layer and left it on for 30 minutes and could definitely feel my face gradually getting tighter. When it was time to peel, I’m pretty sure this mask removed the very top layer of my skin (I felt my skin became softer and lighter).

Overall, the results were AMAZING. My skin literally felt like silk. I followed up the treatment 4 times in a week and the glow is so real!

Would definitely recommend.

Mr Thiery J****l

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Note : As Our Second Launch Into The Market, We Have Limited Quantity Left. So We Will Only Deliver To Those That Are Ready Within 24 - 48 Hours

1 Box Of Retinol Peptide Gold Mask

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Today's Price - N13,500

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2 Box Of Retinol Peptide Gold Mask

Everything Originally Cost - N36,000

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3 Box Of Retinol Peptide Gold Mask

Everything Originally Cost - N56,000

Today's Price - N27,000

***Not Sold In Stores**

Hear Why People Are Buying This Product For Themselves & Family Members

This is my first time buying an anti aging product online and I must say that the product has won my heart.

What prompted me to even purchase was the video of how wrinkles and fine lines on the face was being closed.

I told myself that it was impossible. Out of curiosity, I bought the product and tried it

After the second use, my wife took it from me (lol). She said I was trying to look young for those small small girls outside.

Long story cut short, we both use the product and I have introduced over 11 family and friends to the product already.

It is a great product.

Mr Timothy S***n



This is my 3rd time purchasing, so I just felt it is right to give a testimonial about this product.

This product is powerful and does what it is meant to do.

My colleagues at work call me mini celebrity because of the way my face shines without wrinkles and spots.

The feeling is great. I recommend this product anytime, anyday.

Mrs Susan A***d



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it is a whole game changer in the beauty industry. And we want to offer you the best

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